Saturday, November 28, 2015

Jakarta Museum Tour Guide (English)

Do you want to have different experience going to Museum in Jakarta...??? Maybe need company or guide to going there...??? Or you don't know how to get there cause you don't know the address...???  
Come on & Joint Jakarta Museum Tour which this tour will bring Traveler to visit several museums in Jakarta who wished to visit in a different way (on street & public transport not with a personal or rental car) Some of the package are:

-TMII (Indonesia Miniature in Park) package, consist of three package:

1. Low Package: Rp. 60.000/orang

2. Middle Package: RP. 75.000/orang

3. High Package: Rp. 80.000/orang

The equation of all package is Traveler visit Three Museum, The different is only depend of the package which that Traveler take

Old town Package (kota tua): Rp. 60.000/orang

Because in Old Town there are many museum, So Traveler only can pick Three Museum only (For Museum Bahari get charge Rp. 8.000/orang)

-Central Jakarta Package 1: Rp. 60.000/orang

Central Jakarta Package 1 consists of Museum Perumusan Naskah Proklamasi, Museum Nasional, Museum Taman Prasasti & Monas

-Central Jakarta Package 2: Rp. 60.000/orang

Central Jakarta Package consists of Museum Kebangkitan Nasional, Museum M.H Thamrin, Gedung Sumpah Pemuda & Gedung Joang 45 (Maks. 3 That traveler could visit)

-South Jakarta Package: Rp. 60.000

South Jakarta Package consists of Museum Polri & Satria Mandala

The price above not including lunch. Only Museum ticket, Train Ticket & Public Transportation (The price & visiting hour of museum can change depending the situation & condition)

Tour open at Tuesday to Saturday & National Holiday and the schedule can also changed as there for some reason (Not all museum open on National Holiday so maybe Traveler can check first which one of the museum that open on National Holiday)

So...Interested..?? if you Interested and wanna give it try you can contact on:

Rifky: 087883418318 (Phone/WA)

           D3B6F17B (BBM)
Or can send email to: 

Meeting Point: Sudirman Station

Payment only cash

Note: For cancellation please confirmed at least one day before the visiting day

My English not to good but not that bad at all so i will try my best to guide you all ^_^

This is me ^_^

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